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FJ series injection molding machine

Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

Products Introduction

Products Introduction

Machine characteristics

double-step structure with independent pre-injection is adopted, and V-shaped injection structure and plasticizing action operate independently;

Adopt special metal seal structure design, to ensure that the plunger exhaust good, high pressure injection without leakage;

Highly optimized servo energy-saving technology, reaching the national level of energy consumption standards;

The equipment conforms to the latest industry and national standards, more safe and reliable.

Injection unit

Adopt double stage extrusion compound structure, the injection volume is 5000cm²-500000cm³;

Compared with the equivalent amount of standard injection molding machine, the injection unit saves 35% space;

Special mixing screw structure, unit energy consumption is only less than 0.35KW/Kg;

V-shaped injection structure has no residual resin and no carbonization of accumulated material;

Original mechanical spool control structure, no deformation and wear, excellent safety performance;

Adopt special metal ring sealing plunger design, sealing ability is better than ordinary ring structure.

clamping unit

The negative back Angle is adopted to make the opening and closing die run faster and more smoothly;

three template box design, after UG finite element analysis, good strength, rigidity and small deformation;

Moving template static pressure support design, large bearing capacity;

Hollow box body design, more convenient installation of core cylinder at the bottom;

Widened sliding door, suitable for long stroke core-pulling mold installation;

The template parts are equipped with sliding take-up car, humanized operation;

Servo safety sliding door with anti-clip function, smooth and fast movement;

The side switch of the safety door is safer and more reliable;

Rotary computer remote door design for easy operation.

Application video

Application video