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Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

Focus on the one-stop overall solution for the future injection molding plant !

Exhibition News

SOUND waiting for you at the Saudi International Plastics Exhibition (4-565)


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On May 6, the 19th Saudi International Plastics Exhibition was successfully launched in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, as the largest professional exhibition of plastics and packaging printing certified by UFI in Saudi Arabia, it has a profound influence on the development of plastic packaging  &printing industry in the Middle East. This exhibition covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, and 522 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions participated in this grand ceremony.



Scene pageantry (SOUND booth No. 4-565)

SOUND launches with UN180-EPIII and the latest total solution, European design standards and stable, efficient, energy-saving, high-precision product performance attract more customers. About the solution displayed on site, the staff made answers and conducted more profound communication and discussion with the customer.

The Universe series has been momentous upgraded

1, Hyperbolic toggles mold clamping structure, output more powerful clamping force, the moving plate and head plate design in center strengthen, can concentrate the force transfer, effectively prevent product deformation;

2, lengthened and widened clamping slide-foot guide, ensure the mold platen high parallelism and repeated positioning accuracy,  mold opening and closing more stable and fast, product stability is also effectively improved;

Injection system speed, stability, precision upgrade

1, the injection unit use double-layer injection structure, the injection cylinder with double extension rod structure, which greatly improves the injection accuracy and charging stability, and improves the tightness of the product;

2, the whole series use high rigid injection unit base and high precision linear slide rail, the injection response is more rapid, accurate and stable;

3, PRS position adjustment screw technology, to achieve accurate injection weight, to ensure the injection weight repetition accuracy of 0.7-0.3%, improve the accuracy of the product;

Hydraulic system precision upgrade

Efficient drive technology, hydraulic valve board modular design, excellent hydraulic layout, no overflow heating servo pump control system, efficient built-in cooler, DIN standard hydraulic connectors and hoses make energy saving every day;

Control system humanized upgrade

1, the whole series has the large screen controller, UI interface as standard, better convey information;

2, SPC quality control management system as standard, to help the continuous stability of the process, predictable, improve production efficiency;

3, SVP servo pump, can be precise control response speed, system maintenance is convenient, energy saving;

2024 is the year for SOUND to actively expand overseas markets. Face to the severe market environment, SOUND did not hesitate to press the sea acceleration button to further layout the global strategy. Quality assurance and technological innovation have always been the confidence and confidence of SOUND to firmly move forward toward the goal of hundred years enterprise. We're waiting for you at booth 4-565!